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Nov. 12th, 2009

It;s been a while, I know. I have been super busy. We went up to visit family and friends in NC towards the beginning of October. While up there my friend Annie gifted me her magickal library. So, I ended up mailing myself 7 big boxes stuffed to the gills with books of serious awesomeness. This meant I had to go ahead and remodel the library. "Had" to I swear!!! LOL. Weaks of stripping wall paper, painting, repainting, and more painting, scrubbing wooden floors, putting in a new fan, building new bookcases for a total of 13 now (fancy just that number fitting in here), and setting up a new desk area!!! Tonight I finally unpacked the last of my my books and alphabetized them. Next comes cleaning, archiving, and ordering the books I got from Annie.

I can't tell you what a HUGE honor it was for her to give me her library. She'd been talking about it for a few years, since we moved away pretty much. But I never really thought it would happen. Just because - well its so freaking huge. That level of love and trust. I cannot begin to describe the gratitude, the humility, the happiness. The freaking pride that of all the people in her life she chose me to give it to. It's out of this world!!! ::flails and dies of happiness::

SO - the goal is to work on the remaining library items this weekend. I need to take care of the new books, finish some painting issues, put my art back up on the walls, and start hashing out the final wall painting designs R will be painting for me. OH - we put up black out curtains too to protect the books (some are super old and super special!!!). In March when my mom comes to visit I am hoping to put up some crown molding as well to really take it up a notch!!!

The library is not all I've been busy with. The 101 lessons are going great. I'm loving my classmates. We're looking at setting up lots of charity work for the coming year. We recently hosted the Goddess Rising Conference here in New Orleans which was fabulous. It will be even huger next year. I have my fingers crossed that we can get one of my most favorite authors here - but I won't say anything till I know for sure. I don't want to jinx it.

Aiden and Raven have been taking hapkido classes. So far they both really seem to like it. R especially. He's getting soo good at it!!! I think its wonderful for him. Aiden's best friend might be joining his class, so that should really make him happy!!! I'm so happy for both of them. We all now have something active we do outside of the house and I think that's super healthy for us.

I've taken on a lot of responsibilities lately and it makes me feel good. I want to give back to the world that has given me so much. I want to push my bondaries and grow more as a person. I want to help and feel like I am not just letting life happen around me. I want to show Aiden that you can live your ideals.

Anywho - I've missed you all terribly. I do still read fairly often - though not as much these past couple weeks since my computer has been stored for remodeling.


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Nov. 13th, 2009 04:00 pm (UTC)
I thought about you a couple of nights ago. Wondered if you were doing okay. How school was going for Aiden and your weight loss.

Your friend was super nice to give you her library. What a special gift!
Nov. 14th, 2009 06:41 am (UTC)
I've been following along. This is so awesome.
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