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Elements versus Music, a query for the community:

Howdy Everyone,
    I would like to suvey everyone on their take of musical expressions of the 5 elements.  The following instruments are what I've found to be related to the elements in my research so far:
Earth:  all percussion instruments, drums
Air:  all wind instruments, flute
Fire:  all stringed instruments, guitar
Water:  all resonant metals, bell, cymbal
I don't know why bells relate to Air but aren't listed as related within the realm of music.  The above are those I have seen listed in the literature available to me.  The following would be my own personal leanings on the subject:
Earth:  drums
Air:  bell, wind instruments, flute, harp
Fire:  guitar and those old school stringed instruments that sound very metallic (perhaps Charlotte may know what I'm talking about because I don't know the name), violin.
Water:  cello (because it sounds very emotional to me)
I would like to ask the community for any examples they know of music that features these instruments in a way they feel truely evokes the element.  OR regular music that to them evokes the element.  For example, Native American flute music evokes Air to me.  Sarah Mac.'s Into the Fire evokes Fire to me.  We all come from the Goddess evokes Water to me.  Are there classical pieces, modern pieces, pagany pieces, instrumental pieces that to you evoke strongly a specific element?  Do not feel at all limited to the correspondences provided above!  Be as creative and exploratory in your answers as you like please!!! 
The goal of this query is to compile the various suggestions so that I can eventually create cds with the music geared toward each element for many uses (mediations, quarter calls, etc...).  I will happily compile the lists and share them once I have them completed!!! 
I greatly, greatly appreciate any help any of you can give me in this matter.  I will be going through my own music and adding my own selections to the list as well - I am not leaving all of the work up to others.  I just want additional in put from people of varied muscial tastes and back grounds to augment what I come up with and to expand my musical experience and my experience of the elements themselves through music - which I have always found deeply spiritual. 
Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for anything you are able to contribute and for taking the time to read this lengthy e-mail.  


Apr. 8th, 2011 06:19 am (UTC)
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