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"Black can appear white when the light is blinding."

If it's a paradox, its probably true.

2 March
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I am married to the most wonderful man in the world, and have the cutest, smartest, kid in the world. (And neither of them are morning people) I'm a recent master's graduate in geology. I work as a geologist in the city I love, New Orleans. The best place in the world to live (fuck hurricanes, I'm from Pensacola, Fl.)! I like exporling my spirituality and helping people. I'm a book junkie, to which Raven can attest. My dream is to either own my own bookstore, or just have the ideal personal library. I alphabetized my rock collection if that says anything about me. I LOVE to watch horror movies, especially the campy ones from the 70's-early 90's. Zombies are the only thing one truely has to worry about, but I'm prepared! I love nature, especially when I have plenty of bug spray on. I'm inching closer and closer to being OCD about organizing my stuff. I am a TRUE Picean. I collect pretty things. On further thought, the bookstore thing might not work. Then people would buy the pretties and take them away from me! Not good! I hate mean or small minded people, and am big on defending the underdog. I love feeding people, especially "noodles." I'm a little flighty and prone to rambling and jumping from subject to subject, but don't let that fool you. I'm a smart cookie and will surprize you if you're not careful. I don't do politics because I think the world would be better if they put me in charge. However, I am a GIANT Obama fangirl. I don't trust the media (I don't care how unbiased a company claims to be, they are OWNED by someone). I just want to make the world a better place and help people be happy, and I'm working on it one pot of noodles at a time. :) I think people should make the effort to smile at each other more. It makes people feel good to have a stranger smile at them. I think people should sing their hearts out if the radio is on, even if they can't hold a key. This should especially be done in the car while driving with the windows rolled down. I'm painfully shy, but I'm working on overcoming it. I like dancing naked in the moon light, preferrably around a fire and with a drum beat in the back ground. I love easily and with my whole heart those people I call friends and would go to great lengths to help them. I want my family's home to be the home our loved ones know they can go to if they're hungry for love or noodles.

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